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Icky Ricky #3: The Dead Disco Raccoon
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The creator of Goodnight Goon and The Runaway Mummy pulls from his mad-scientist brain a kid so attracted to slime, muck, dirt, and yuck that he could only be called Icky Ricky. Uh-oh! Icky Ricky is in a mess and has a lot of explaining to do. Why? Well, you see . . . A water demon took over the sink in the boys' bathroom! Icky Ricky and his friends cleaned up the house-with a leaf blower. His sweaty armpit is a perfect robber-proof bank. The dead raccoon he bought at a garage sale is speeding downhill in a runaway go-cart. Can Icky Ricky stop it? Icky Ricky is up to his eyeballs in trouble-and in ick!

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